About China Crafts Collection

Chinese culture is one of the most ancient civilisations in the world, originating abundant craft skills of art, including traditional calligraphy and painting, ceramic and pottery techniques, engraving and sculpture, embroidery, and many more. We house a collection of premium Chinese artwork crafted by Chinese craftsmen and artists. We are passionate about showcasing and promoting traditional craftwork of China to other parts of the world.

All listed products are created with handcraft techniques registered on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China. Each piece has been carefully selected with multi-layer screening processes to make sure it’s of top-level quality. We are bringing premium craftworks that made with the same technique and material as museum collections to your hands. Though the craft techniques are legacy of ancients, however, all pieces are newly created, none of the products is antique or pre-owned.

You are more than welcome to contact us for more information about any products listed with us. We are also providing sourcing services if you are seeking a particular piece that is not available on our site.


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China Crafts Collection